Choosing a running line.

Shooting lines is also an important part of fishing gear, you can streamline your fishing considerably by selecting the appropriate shooting line. Shooting lines are often the focus in terms of discussions about fishing equipment, and there is much taste determines the choice of shooting lines. The point that is rarely included in these discussions are applications each shooting line has, and who consciously are designed by manufacturers to function optimally to different situations!

For many years I have been to countless tested different shooting lines. Not least, I have fished with shooting head system / shooting lines in the last 20 years. This has given me good experience about what works for my fishing, therefore I can tell that I have different favorites when I choose to shooting line. This means that when I set up my fishing gear for a new season so I always have at least 2 different shooting lines installed on my fly reels.

I will explain the difference between shooting lines in a slightly different way than the manufacturers do, in this article the shooting lines application is in focus.

There are two different groups of running lines:

1) Classic shooting lines with coating.

2) Smooth shooting lines, produced by various mixtures of nylon.

These shooting lines work very different and you should be very aware that you will find the running line works best in terms of how you fish and where you fish!

Shooting Lines with coating: Many anglers prefer such a shooting line, advantages of this shooting line is that it is easier to grasp because it is thicker and has a normal coating surface outside the core. It is easier to open the knots that occur during fishing because it is thicker. The shooting line variant are suitable for fishing from shore and boat fishing as providing the core can withstand much punishment against rocks, etc. The floating properties are also very well so that it is also nice to use when wading. The drawback with these is that there is more friction against the rod guides, so you cast shorter with this type of shooting lines.

Mono shooting lines: This is probably the shooting lines that are most discussed in both negative and positive direction. These shooting lines are produced in various mixtures of nylon material. There are different factors that make them have different uses. This is determined by the material mix, shape and floating or sinking properties. These shooting lines are definitely my favorites. I like that they shoot off at great speed, which is possible because of the hard nylon material, this material mixture also ensures that the precision increases during fishing. Last but not least, these types of shooting lines are those that help you with the longest casts.
Within the category of smooth shooting lines, there are actually two different variants.


A perfect fishing position for the Guideline Compline.


The first is the Guideline Compline: This is a line which, because of that it's massive, it'll sink something into the water, the shape of these lines means that they also do not release easily from the water when you fish in wading position on the slow current part's . If you are wading deeply and fish with such a shooting line, you will find that the line is getting something stuck in the water, and many casts is unsuccessful. Therefore, these lines are actually designed for fishing from shore and faster current areas. When fishing from shore the line is affected of rock / roots etc, then this running line type is the best because they can withstand much more punishment than the "hollow" types, because they are stronger due to its massive form. The oval shape of the shooting line makes you get better casts, then the speed of the shooting / the roll over is greater for fly casting from shore. The friction that occurs between the line and every rod guides provides better presentations, increasing the average length dramatically. I can recommend Guidelines shooting line Compline, it is excellent for salmon fishing from shore and fishing in the normal flow of water.


A perfect fishing position for the Guideline Shooter.


The other is the Guideline Shooter: This is the shooting line that has good flow properties and is suitable for fishing in wading position. This is because it is hollow inside with cells, together with the shape of the line, which ensures that it is not locked in the water. This entire means that the friction against the rod guides is minimal, so this line will help you with the long casts when wading deep. Incorrect application of the shooting line is fishing from shore, because it is not so strong in the contact with rocks, etc., most casts are also unsuccessful because the shooting line will have too much output speed by fishing from the shore. A final advantage of a floating shooting line is when you fish with small flies and small rivers, where it is wise to have high speed on the fly in relation to current speed. A sinking shooting line will slow down the fly on its journey towards the shore.


With 2 different shooting lines installed on your reel, you will get a more efficient fishing and longer average casting length by exploiting the different properties of shooting lines.


Add up the shooting line in different loop lengths in the fingers before casting.r.


The massive shooting lines have some memory because they are made of nylon material, it is precisely this that makes some anglers do not like them. I have never experienced this as a problem. Fishing tackle is a little give and take in terms of advantages / disadvantages either way. So that I have to stretch these lines now and then, I do not think is any problem in relation to the superb shooting properties they have. I stretch the shooting line when I start fishing, I stretch meter by meter as I cast further. This I must repeat a few times, but at a time they become soft and fine so then the problem is gone.


Compline in flowing water is no problem.


New type of shooting line for 2012.
Guideline for the season 2012 will present a new shooting line which is almost a hybrid between the massive shooting lines and those with the coating. This is called LSL and are manufactured using a harder material, and therefore a smoother coating compared with the old coated shooting lines. This means you get a line that is as good to hold when you're fishing, but also will shoot faster because the friction in the face of rod guides are smaller. I like a shooting line that has fast energy transfer, as this is a great advantage when fishing on windy days and in tight spots. It then becomes easier to get the full stretch of the leader, so that the fly perfectly is presented soon as it lands on the water. It comes with a complete loop in the front and is also tapered in front to be stronger against wear. So this is going to be the new favorite shooting line of many fly-fishermen.

Jan Erik Granbo.


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