Interview by Terje Vågsdal.

This time it is Terje Vågsdal that will tell us about his favorite flies, Terje is a guy I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years. He worked long as a salesman in the Guideline, so we worked closely together and had a lot of fun to work with a little teasing of each other's catches and fishing theories, but also very exciting to test the equipment and talk fishing basically all the time. Christmas parties were never boring, maybe some little dancing, but as I said absolutely not boring.

Terje has a long history in the fishing industry, he worked long time in shop before he started selling in the Guideline, and he now works at Nordisk Fishing equipment in Oslo. So if you want a serious talk with someone who knows a lot about fishing and fishing equipment, just contact Terje at Nordisk.

Terje says that the reason he wants to work with fly fishing equipment is that he loves to run with this, and therefore only have to keep doing this every day, for sure that is not bad attitude to the job and hobby . Terje simply love everything surrounding of salmon flies, fly rods and fly lines . Like of enthusiasm when he talks about fly fishing, you should look long after, here it is easy to get inspired before the next fishing trip I will tell you. One advice when you have talked with Terje, watch the speed limit on the way to the river!


1) How many years have you fished salmon with a fly rod?

I have fished salmon with flies since 1988.

2) What are the rivers, you have your experience, and what river is your favorite river?

I have fished salmon in many rivers in southern Norway and and on west coast, the Numedalslågen, Drammenselva, Otra, Bjerkerheim, Figgjo, Suldalslågen, Etne, Nausta, Hyen, Stryn .... and so on ... A pleasant side effect of working as a Guideline Seller for several years.
Favorite River is definitely the Gaula, which I visited for the first time in 1988. Few rivers can offer the same with the major differences are and on early fishing with heavy lines in the lower parts in early June, the stealth fishing behind large stones almost up to the Røros in August.

3) How big is your largest fly-caught salmon and on what fly did you get this?

It weighed "modest 11.7 kg" on a "pimped" version of Pattagohrva.

4) What are your two absolute favorite flies, and why?

I have 2 flies that are the absolute favorite of my flies, the first is a Gaula Green Highlander, it's a killer on several conditions, so I ties it in 3 different editions.

The one I use in June, of course, is the largest, and may be in the wing length of 8 to 12 cm, and with more flash in compared by the ones I use throughout the season. During the summer of less water I use a medium-sized tube in wing length 6-8 cm, and with less flash, and the smallest version which is from 4-6 cm wing length I do not use flash at all, but ties it to you look at the tying description, and then without flash.

Favourite Fly No. 2 is a Pot Belly Pig tube, it is tied in several editions little by the same theories in which I fish by large flies earlier in the season and higher water levels, and during the summer when the river becomes smaller and hotter I use smaller flies. This fly is a very good all-round variant that I can fish by under different conditions, also by considering the color of the river. I use the same tying configuration but vary by entering "hot" colors on colored river, and brighter colors on clear river. I think that it is the shape of the fly that makes this fish so well. I would also add that the movement on this fly in the stream is a little different than the traditional salmon flies with normal wing setup. This is a relatively new pattern in our days, but belongs to the family of Francis and Ally Shrimp and we know how these flies fish, so this is not a bad variant to have in my fly box. What I like about this tube is that it proves very effective at slow salmon under difficult conditions by low and warm river.


Tying Recipes:

Gaula Green Highlander:
Tube: Fits fluoro green tube in sizes XS and M.
Tag: Oval gold tinsel, small.
Tail: Yellow SLF Hanks or Fluoro Fibre.
Butt: Black Ice dubbing.
Body: Half body with gold holographic flatbraid, forward body with chartreuse Ice dubbing.
Tinsel: Oval gold small.
Body hackle: chartreuse rooster neck over forward body.
Wing: Temple Dog or fox, Orange under wing, then a layer of yellow and green hair, over wing Fiery Brown.
Wing flash: Angel Hair color SSS Alta Gold / Green and Yellow Magma. All mixed during all wing sections.
Jungle Cock: Hot Orange.
Cone Head: Gold Fits Cone.



Pot Belly Pig:
Tying Thread: Red Benechi 10 / 0
Tube: Guideline tungsten tubes in sizes XS and S, orange or clear tube extension tied in.
Tail: Orange Polar Bear or Buck Tail, 3 pcs boar bristles in orange color. 2 x fiber Angel Hair SSS in Alta Gold HD.
Body: Black Ice Dubbing and gold ribb.
Hackle 1: Orange hen neck about 3 turns, tied in by the tail.
Body hackle: Orange hen Neck.
"Wing": 2 x Jungle Cock is tied flat in so that they are in position on top of the body.


Flyfishing regards from Terje Vågsdal (2H Terje).

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