Interview by Stein Tore Larsen.

Stein Tore Larsen is from Lillehammer, and in this city he is not alone in having fly fishing interest. For here it is a large number of people fishing with a fly rod, both for big trout in Gudbransdalslågen and very many fishes for salmon in Trøndelag rivers as well. Therefore, I think it was very nice to get Stein Tore in this series so we can watch the favorite flies to a very experienced fly fisherman from this city. I have known Stein Tore in some years, and this is a very keen fly fisherman I will tell you, and like me he likes best to fish with one-handed rod, this has led to some nice conversations about fishing pleasure with salmon catches.

Stein Tore is 43 years and has fished all his life, he began with single hand fly fishing for trout in 1994 in his home region. The following year he received his first double hand rod, and then he really started with the salmon fishery. He trains with the fly rod for developing casting technique, and tying his own flies. Stein Tore work at Swix, and is a part of skiing, and there are some jogging to keep fit. Stein Tore is so keen that he can not wait for season 1 June home. He travels to River Dee and open its season there in February, what I call being an avid salmon fisherman yes.

1) In how many years have you fished salmon with a fly rod?

Fishing since I was a little boy, was with my father often on fishing. My first fly rod I had in 1994, it was a single hand rod and at first it was mostly trout I caught. I tried the big trout here in the homeland as well. The year after I got my first double-handed rod and then it was I began to fish for salmon.

2) What rivers do you have your experience and what is your favorite river?

Has two favorites, it's Orkla and Gaula, but have fished many rivers, River Dee, Jølster, Nausta, Namsen, but it's Gaula and Orkla which are my favorites.

3) What is your biggest fly-caught salmon, and on how fly did you catch this?

The biggest salmon is of mine is no giant salmon, but a nice fish on barely 12 kilograms taken on the one-handed rod. I fished then with a muddler tied on a single hook #8, I fished this one with great speed, so it was a bit of a kick when I saw the salmon came up and took the fly - so this became a hefty and remindable fight.

4) What are your two absolute favorite flies, and why?

The first is a fly with no name, but I use it a lot from early June, and really throughout the season. Using it, a lot also as soon as it comes a summer flood, I tie this in many sizes.


Tying Recipes:

Hackle: Orange Chicken
Under wing: Orange fox, over this I add a mixture of orange and copper flash. Over this a small bundle Fiery Brown fox
Over wing: Black fox
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Head: Fluoro orange tying thread, with a clear varnish


The second is a little secret, not that the fly is so secret, but more the way I tied it. This fly is an Ally variant, and it is tied as a Hidden Cone fly. This I have had great success with in July and August, perhaps most in August.

Tail:Orange polar bear and some straws orange crinkle flash
Then comes a small orange cone, wing, cheeks and hackle tied in front of the cone
Wing: White Fox
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Hackle: Tied as collar

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