Interview by Steffen Granbo.

This fly fisherman, I know very well. We have been to so many good "father and son" tours in the salmon river. Steffen is a true fisherman, he simply loves to fish. And this he does as often as he can. He fishes in the sea a lot and likes trout fishing even if salmon is what he thinks is the most fun. Steffen is now 14 years old and already an experienced fisherman. In my job to both Granbo Flyfishing and as a salesman in Guideline I have often brought with Steffen on different missions, in order to work with the recruitment of young fishermen.

He was with me on the fly fishing trade show in Stockholm as early as 10 years of age, not bad at such a young age to have his own casting demonstration by several hundred visitors spectators. Steffen has also been in Germany in the fly fishing trade show, also there to inspire young people to try fly fishing. He has helped countless number of small and large events such as fly tying and casting instructor. This I think is very nice because I see that young people have a different dialogue together than when an adult should learn to a child. Worth mentioning is also that Steffen has been involved in two DVD movies about fly fishing, this is also to arouse the interest of the younger generation. His first summer job was for Granbo Flyfishing as a fishing guide in Gaula on my salmon fishing course. Where he has succeeded many times to help course participants to catch their dream fish. We can therefore sum up this fine fly fisher as an experienced fly caster, fly tier and instructor - and has done a fine job to inspire others to start fly fishing too. Future dream to Steffen, of course, to work with this full time.

1) In how many years have you fished salmon with a fly rod?

I started training with one-handed fly rod when I was 3 years and fished trout with fly first time when I was 5 years. I started fishing with single handed fly rod for salmon when I was 7 years and got my first salmon on the fly also this summer. I started with double-handed when I was 9 years. I got my first double-handed salmon when I was 10 years.

2) What rivers do you have your experience and what is your favorite river?

The rivers I have fished in the river Gaula, Orkla, Stordalselva, Skjenndalriver, Bua and Sokna. But the river I like best is Gaula without a doubt, it is Gaula I have my experiences, I have fished in Gaula since I was 2-3 years. But it was not the fish that was most important at that time, it was the campfire and to whittle sticks just as fun.

3) What is your biggest fly-caught salmon, and on how fly did you catch this?

My biggest fly-caught salmon on the double-handed is 10.5 kg, it was the summer I was 10 years. I was as old as the salmon was heavy. It was a fully synthetic Yellow White Wing tubefly. My biggest salmon on one hand weighted 6.8 kg, thait I got on a little Greenlander double hook fly. I've got about 25 - 30 pcs. salmon on a fly rod to date, and more to it for this I think is really fun to work on.

4) What are your two absolute favorite flies, and why?

My two absolute favorite flies are two killers in different parts of the season, one is a fully synthetic Yellow White Wing, and the other is the Riffling Hitch tube.


Tying Recipes:

Riffling Hitch tube:
Large tube, put on some lashings with binding thread on the thinnest tube (small), this binding point must not be too long, then will not the inner match the tube length of the hook which will be fully inserted into the tube. Add a little varnish, then push it into the main tube. This makes the fly becomes stronger.

Front Body: Gold colored flatbraid, applied to the fore. Remember that the hole in the side will usually sit right behind the flatbraid body.

Wings: Black soft hair, sparse volumes. Length equal to the tube body. The wings are bound at the top and bottom of the tube , in order that the hole be in the middle of the tube. I turn the wings when I tie them, this means that I ties the tips of the hair first, this gives a fuller wing profile that I like on these particular flies.

Head: Wind tying thread and varnish it in the usual way, remember that the tube should be sealed in the front. I do this by sliding a tube in the small size before I tie the fly, then I melt it solid when the fly is tied finish. Note the side hole for the leader!

You can calculate the "plow" length with where you put the hole in the side of the tube, when fishing in fast current, place the hole attached to the flatbraid body. When fishing the quieter current points, set the hole closer to the center of the tube body.

Link to dad's story about the Riffling tube:



Yellow White Wing, fully synthetic:
Black Wing 'n Flash. Or else dubbing black synthetic material.
Tail: White fluoro fibers.
Rear body: SSS braid, Alta Gold.
Front Body: SSS dubbing Diamond Pearl.
Hackle # 1: SSS Angel Hair, Hot Magma, Yellow, spun with dubbing twister.
Underwing: SF Blend, yellow.
Over Wing: SF Blend, white.
Front hackle: SSS, Diamond Pearl, spun with dubbing twister.

I hope that many juniors will try fly fishing for salmon, it's just to tell your father that you will be on tour.

Greetings Steffen.

jørem vald namsen

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