Refset beat at Rognes.

Here you and your friends have the opportunity to experience the summer salmon dream, doggedly fight with the big salmon. The beat is Støren hunting and fishing club members beat, but a few weeks are sold each year. The beat is ideal for fishing with all allowable equipment.
At the top is Mushølen, a deep and exciting pool for the worms and lures fishermen. Refsethøra, below, the upper part is suitable for fly and lure. Just outside the bivouac is the current calmer - suitable for worms and lures fishing. The lower part - for fly fishing.
Week 28 and 29, and a week in August is available. The area is suitable for a group of friends, max 5 people. A short stretch of Rognes Bridge - also on the road side is with the beat. This area is best at medium and low water levels. Accommodation in the immediate vicinity - Distance to Rognes-ca. 500 meters. Catches in a normal year between 300 kg and above.

For more info Bjørn Bohlin 46942315 or



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