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This is a very enjoyable and efficient class offering, you’ll get the instructor all to yourself. This means that you will receive a level of attention that you cannot get from a group lesson. At these classes you can arrive as a beginner or experienced fly fisher, I will help you get started so that you will have an enjoyable time with the fly rod from the first fishing trip. If you’re an experienced fly fisherman, struggling with minor casting errors, I will help you to get the details right for the various fly casts. This class is also great as a gift for your best fishing buddy.

Elementary casting class.
This is the class for the people wanting to get started with fly fishing in a simple, comfortable way, here you will learn everything about the basic techniques, rod actions, fly lines, and theories on leaders and tippets. You will receive lots of great fishing tips, regardless if you plan to fish for trout, sea trout, or salmon.

Spey class.
The name of the game in this class is spey casting, covering casting with both single and double-handed fly rods, you decide with what type of rod you want to learn the technique. Basic techniques, theories on leaders and tippets, rod actions, fly lines, all of this will be thoroughly covered.

Snake Roll.
Cool name, cool cast. Take advantage of the opportunity to master this fantastic fly cast, all fly fishermen can use this cast. Snake roll will enable you to solve many difficult fishing situations. This class is also available for both single and double-handed rods.

Special class for the combination casts.
When you master both spey casting and snake roll, it is time to combine the two. This class is also available for both single and double-handed rods. In these classes I will also show you all the “air” techniques, combining snake roll or spey casts with an “air” variant will see you cast very far even in tight spots. Backhand spey and snake roll create exciting combinations. In this class we will create your own fly cast, so that you can fish that dream spot you have never been able to fish with a fly rod before.


Sinking line class.
If you want to use the fly rod already at the season opening, sinking lines are the way to go. Many people opt to not do this as they find casting with a sinking line too difficult. In general it is also difficult to get the large salmon to take the fly, but actively fishing a sinking line will see you hook into more of those big salmon. This class will teach you a lot about casting sinking lines, so that you will fish more often using these lines. I will also help you adapt your sinking lines to suit your technique and fly rod, and give you many useful pointers about which sinking lines you need in order to fish effectively in all conditions.


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