My name is Jan Erik Granbo, I am born in 1965 and I am from Trondheim, Norway. My childhood home was located right next to a forest where there were many lakes holding trout which we fished for throughout the year. Also by my childhood home there was a small river that came from the lakes in the forest, this river is the only tributary to the River Nidelva. Salmon and sea trout run this river from the River Nidelva; however we mostly fished for the trout that swam down from the lakes. I practically grew up in this river, this was our playground. Already as a ten year old I went to the River Nidelva to fish for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. That summer I caught my first salmon and sea trout on a fly rod, but the brown trout fishing in the upper parts of the river was also exciting. At thirteen I caught a brown trout of 3,5 kilos. My whole childhood consisted of fishing and tying flies, this was a very exciting time for a young boy eager to learn.

When I was old enough to get my driver’s license and my own car I went for fishing trips to the River Gaula, the River Orkla, and the River Stjørdalselva to fish for large salmon with my flies. Already at 16 I was obsessed with practising casting with a fly rod, this became my “hobby within the hobby” so to speak. As time went by I started arranging courses and lessons in both casting and fly tying, and I held my first classes for the social services in the Army. I read everything I could get my hands on, countless authors made the wait during winter even longer, but this was exciting; a lot could be learnt from these books and films.

Later I got a job working as a demonstration caster for Nor Sport, a local fly fishing shop, where I participated in demonstrations and casting lessons. It was during this period that I realised I could cast both nicely and far. From there on the road to the Norwegian casting championship, this was arranged at The Norwegian Forestry Museum (Skogsbruksmuseet) in Elverum at the time. I did really well here, and during the four years in which I participated I ended up in the medals several times; I became Norwegian Champion three times. During this time I was also one of the first persons in Norway to become a certified casting instructor, courtesy of The Norwegian Casting Federation. This raised my ambitions, and I wanted to try and get a job where I could spend the whole day working with fly fishing. Some time passed before this dream was realised, and meanwhile I got a job with Aktiv Fritid as a Power Team member. This was a very important period of my life and I learned a lot from this team. Following this, things started happening quickly; I got a permanent job with Aktiv Fritid as a sales person for Guideline and Gary Loomis products, and the dream had become a reality.

Through this job I have developed as a fly fisherman, and I have also worked with product development which was very exciting. Running courses was an important part of this job, and I held many classes and seminars at various trade fairs.

I made a movie about fly fishing for salmon with single-hand rods during this period, a movie that became rather popular. As time went by, several trips to our neighbouring countries followed, where I ran seminars on fishing and casting.

I also established my own salmon fishing school on the River Gaula, fishing on Aktiv Fritid’s own salmon beat. All of this led to me thinking about starting my own company in order to focus solely on running classes and seminars on salmon fishing and making fishing movies. I have mostly fished in the Rivers Gaula and Orkla, but it is the River Gaula that has become my favourite river. My favourite fishing method is “salmon hunting” using single-handed fly rods. So far more than 10 000 fishermen and -women have attended my classes and seminars. This has strengthened my faith in the possibility of establishing a small company solely focusing on salmon fishing classes, movie production, guiding, seminars and normal fly tying and casting lessons.

This is my next big dream: imagine waking up every morning and only spending time on the best thing on this earth – FLY FISHING.

I hope you enjoy my home page! I promise you lots of exciting photos and articles on fly fishing in the time ahead, you can also find information about the classes and lessons I offer, and where these are to be held.

Just one more cast.

Best regards,
Jan Erik Granbo

jørem vald namsen

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