Salmon beat on the River Gaula.

Finally I am getting started with this menu, I will write about some different beats on the Gaula which I recommend that you visit. When it comes to beats on the Gaula, there are many beats that are booked on a long term lease basis. The fishing on this river is so popular that many people find it difficult to get access to a beat. Although many beats are already taken, the situation is not hopeless when it comes to the availability of purchasing “ordinary” fishing licenses on the Gaula. I believe that there should be room for everyone on a salmon river; this creates such a good mix and variation along the river valley. This is why I support both the exclusive fishing and the more open fishing on “ordinary” beats offering daily and weekly licenses.

He first beat I will talk about is Nedre Løberg, located at Lundamo, the land owner is Nils Joar Lien. Nils Joar’s way of running this beat is mighty impressive, he feels that everyone should have access to the salmon fishing on the Gaula, and that is why he is offering both daily and weekly fishing licenses, in addition to a few season tickets. I would like to mention that for the 2008 season, this beat placed number 7 on the list of the best beats on the Gaula. The beat is located around 25 kilometres from the sea. For many years I have been cooperating with Nils Joar, and often I recommend this beat for people asking me for advice in terms of a Gaula fishing beat. And often I also receive positive feedback from the same people with regards to salmon catches and also in terms of how much people enjoy staying there.

The beat is 2 kilometres in length on the west side of the river, and around 600 metres on the east side. The sale of licenses is regulated, which creates a good atmosphere along the river. The price of a day ticket is NOK 300,-. This beat also has its own designated “fly only” stretch when the river is running at around 180m3/s, this should be very interesting for the fly fisher in terms of June fishing. Otherwise all kinds of fishing methods are used at this beat.

Nils Joar also offers accommodation in cabins, with a total of 40 beds, plus sanitary facilities and a freezer. The price is from NOK 300,- per night for a two bed cabin to NOK 500,- for a 4 bed cabin, this confirms Nils Joar’s policy of this being a beat available to anyone. I think this concept is really great, the farm setting is very nice, and the whole mood of the beat in terms of fishing is very enjoyable, with lots of exciting fishing spots.
The land owner is present daily during the season, and traditional activities such as salmon transport from the river is organised, and the farm bell is rung once for each kilo your salmon weighs, this can be heard far up in the river valley. If you are among the lucky ones catching a very large salmon, a wooden cut-out of your salmon is made, this is placed on the cabin wall where you stay as a permanent memory, with information on the name of the fisherman or woman, weight, and the catch date. You personally log your catch in the farm’s old catch book. It is because of all this that I say that Nils Joar’s way of operating this beat is impressive, lots of hours are put into ensuring that you will have an enjoyable stay at Nedre Løberg salmon beat.

At this beat you can experience exciting fishing throughout the season, the June fishing for large, silvery salmon in this area is often very good. The fishing in July when the river is lower, with salmon of all sizes on their way up the river offers a multitude of opportunities for all methods of fishing which is very exciting. At this beat there is also an area that acts as an obstruction for the salmon running upstream, here it will stop regardless of water level – this is a very exciting place to fish.



The August fishing is in general very good on the Gaula, and t this part of the river you can experience dream catches of the late summer salmon just arriving from the sea. I have personally fished this area a lot, and here anything can happen during an exciting round of fishing at dusk, even when the river is low. After all, the beat does have area where the salmon’s upstream journey is slowed down, and many salmon arrive here to spawn at the end of the season. This means that the salmon that are supposed to spawn in this area arrive in August, and this enable very exciting fishing. And best of all; not many people are fishing during August. Just to mention it: Nils Joar also offers a special August license too.


As a fly fisher you will be challenged in many different ways throughout the season at this beat, with heavy sinking lines and large tube flies in June, to the lighter salmon fishing using single handed rods and small flies in July and August.

Nils Joar can be contacted on telephone number: +47 917 434 10.

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