Hook flies.

Water temperature, water levels, water colour, and not to forget the light conditions all influence our choice of fly. Within these elements there are established fly patterns that often provide some confidence in terms of fly choice. Even so, the results are often poor. This is when I find fishing really exciting, and I learn the most when the fishing is at its most difficult. 

The salmon run and behavioural patterns are affected by the above-mentioned conditions, and this is actually what I mainly focus on. I try to get information about whether the salmon are running or just lying still in the river, this is valuable information that will affect the choice of fly and fly line. If the river is flowing at a medium flow the salmon will swim calmly and undisturbed upstream, this is when I find these choices to be pretty simple. If the river is really high or very low, making the salmon stop every now and again during its upstream journey, the choice of fly can be trickier. Especially when the river becomes low and warm during the height of summer choosing the right fly can be difficult. I will write about when I choose to fish single or double hooks a bit later.

Read on about my fly choices in the menu "Dry flies", which I use for slow, docile salmon.


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