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All my classes are high quality, be it fly tying, fly casting, or salmon fishing classes. The reason behind this is that I always have very few participants in each class, and this coupled with my long-lasting experience as an instructor means that you are guaranteed to learn a lot about fly casting during a Granbo Flyfishing lesson.

Basic casting class.
During this class you will learn the basic technique! This includes overhead casting using both single and double-handed fly rods. Casting and fishing a fly rod is a combination of casting technique and knowledge of how the rod and line works. My classes will give you a solid grounding in just these factors, and you will also get a lot of information about the gear and how to put it all together. The double-haul is important, this will help you in all different techniques such as spey casting and snake roll, and this is why the double haul is part of the basic programme.


Spey casting class.
The spey cast is a “must” for all fly fishers; this technique helps you to fish in places where the overhead cast just will not work. Salmon fishermen have long traditions with spey casting, normally performed using a double-handed rod. I would like to recommend this cast for the single-handed rod fisherman as well. It is very important to know a bit about the gear, and its combination with good technique. During my classes you will learn much about shooting heads, rod actions, and theories on tippets and leaders. In general, the combination of fishing equipment is a very important part of this class as well.


Snake Roll class.
It is completely puzzling to me that this technique has not received more attention. I have used this technique for many years. This class is for both single and double-handed rods. This cast can be combined in so many ways it is incredible. Trout fishermen should also look closer at this cast. It is incredible how much you can angle your casts in tight and difficult fishing spots. If you look at this technique in combination with both overhead casts and spey casts life at the end of the fly rod will be much easier. This is the cast you can use the same casting arm with from both sides of the river, you’ll also manage to fish/cast in stronger winds using the Snake Roll.


The combination casts.
This class is for both single and double-handed fly rods. When you have learnt both snake roll and spey casting it is time to start playing with the fly rod. The combination casts ensure you will become an effective salmon fisher with the fly rod. Now you can decide for your self where you want to place the leader in the water, depending on how much room you have, and the wind direction. You will develop a magical relationship between the “date” between your leader and the water surface… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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