Granbo Flyfishing, 1-year anniversary.

Today, on February 1st, I can proudly celebrate the one-year anniversary of my company. This has been a challenging but also a very exciting year, in which I have learned a lot. I find it extremely enjoyable to get up in the morning, only to spend my time on the best thing in the world – fly fishing. The greatest challenge of running a company mainly working with courses for fly fishers is of course the short season. I started arranging my salmon fishing courses on the River Gaula in the summer of 2005, and now I am in the fourth season of running the Gaula courses already, and in my second season doing this on a full-time basis. For the 2008 season, I have extended my course offerings, including even more exciting course topics.

My web page has become very popular, and today, 1 year after starting up, I can report that 65 000 salmon fishermen and women have visited my web site, and all these visitors have read my articles 230 000 times in total. I am very happy and proud of this, it inspires me to write more articles in the future. Before Christmas, I also got an English version of my web site, and it is really fun to see that fishermen and women from all corners of the world visits my site. I would like to extend a big “thank you!” to Sigurd helping me with the translation of my web site, you are great – and I hope that we can continue this co-operation for a long time to come.

In 2007 I had more than 200 participants in my courses and seminars all over Norway, I would like to thank you all for great and inspiring times spent together, and I hop to see you again at a Granbo Flyfishing course.

I also spent the 2007 season producing my second DVD, this is always very challenging work. However, I consider myself very fortunate to be able to be a part of such exciting projects, and the result is, considering the feedback from the market, very good. I would like to thank Mountain Media, Nordic Outdoor, and Gaula Natursenter with Torstein Rognes, for their co-operation during this DVD, and a big thanks to Steffen Granbo for his excellent contribution to the DVD. I also thank the numerous other people who added to the DVD in various ways, without your help the DVD would not have been as good as it is – thank you.

The 2008 season will, in many ways, become even more exciting than the first year. The main reason for this is the changes in rules and regulations for fishing in the River Gaula and other river located in the middle of Norway. These rules will be made official in March; based on the proposed changes it seems that rules will become even stricter, both for us fishing the rivers, and also for the ocean fishermen. Considering the future of the wild salmon, I support all the new regulations which may come into effect, the Norwegian wild salmon is unique and the traditional salmon fishing is a privilege to us Norwegians, one that we very much value. I cannot imagine anything better than being along a Norwegian salmon river during a beautiful summer’s night with a fishing rod and a fire going, and should a full fishing stop be imposed on us, our quality of life would never be the same, and the basis for running a fly fishing teaching centre would disappear. For the sake of the younger generations, I hope that they too might be able to experience what I have experienced on the salmon river, because this life is so unique, so special!

I would like to encourage all river fishermen to adhere to the new rules and regulations to come, as we all have a responsibility. The number of salmon caught does not determine whether we have had a good fishing trip or season on the river. The best thing about the trip is being in touch with nature, and the feeling of calm you get along a river, along with good friends and the bonfire in the evening. I never want to give this up – I hope.

Life at the end of the fly rod is good!

Jan Erik.

jørem vald namsen

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