Horgøien beat at Gaula

An article series about three special beats in Trøndelag


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Throughout the autumn 2015 I will write about some salmon beats that we have been fishing at, and will happily recommend to all of you. These beats is located in three different rivers; and that alone describes how fantastic this part of the country is relative to salmonfishing. Steffen and I likes to vary our fishing to different rivers every season, because it's incredible exciting to arrive new locations. Often, we becomes impressed by all the grand beats and, of course, the impressive nature!

The beats I'm going to write about is quite amazing beats, so the opportunity to achieve and experience "the salmon dream" is in great range! What's fascinating me too, is how the owners of the beats engages personally to the fishermen who visit their beat. The three ground owners is also active relative to the wild salmon future in different ways, and at least they are contributing to recruit youths to the salmonfishing! This is very important considering the future of the salmon and considering new fishermen. The owners engage in an impressive way, so I think this three represent a great development when it comes to the "new generation ground owners". The beats Im going to write about is;
Horgøien in Gaula; with the owners Siri Stav and Finn Buan, Tingvoll in Verdalselva; with the owner John Olav Oldren and Hembre in Stjørdalselva; with the owners Beate and Aksel Hembre.



Horgøien in Gaula
First out; Horgøien in Gaula. Horgøien is located at Lundamo, the beat is 1700 meters at one side, and 800 meters at the other side. The beat lays right below Gaulfossen. This area is a very popular area in Gauldalen, and it's specially known for its early fishing in June. Here you'll have a warm welcome; Siri works full-time with the beat, and that is a big plus for the visiters. They have and they will sort everything out for you to have the best and most pleasant stay! You can either rent a recidence (they have two), or you can rent some small, enjoyable cabins by the river. They've built a big common-house that works as a meeting-place for the fishermen. Here it's a kitchen for everyone, a freezer to your catch, shower and toilets, and a nice livingroom with internet access. All new week-licensed-fishermen are being welcomed with a info-meeting with serving of home-made goodies. You also can sterilize your fishing equipment at Horgøien; no need for doing that before arrival! Siri and Finn is often by the river to talk with you about your stay and your needs. Finn also fish a little himself. Beside the river they renovates regulary. Last year they built a big new shelter with great view over an exciting part of the beat.




It's an exciting beat to fish on every waterlevels because of its over 2,5 km length if you add both sides! Horgøien also is located on the top-10 list over best beats in Gaula every year too. It's perfect for flyfishing, and the chances for large, silver salmon is very good. The beat also fish extremely well on higher waterlevels, with large streams that is easy to fish with sinkinglines.

They sell both season-license and week-license. If you cannot fish for a whole week, it is possible to contact Siri in the end of the season to hear if you can fish for some days, with overnight-stays as well. At Horgøien there's no equipment-restriction, so everyone is welcome. The beat is divided into several sones, so you its unuasual to experience long queue-fishing.
The environment among fishermen here is very good. You always meet experienced fishermen who have fished here for several years who knows the beat very well. Many of there fishermen lives in caravans and cabins among the river, so the salmon-fever lives everywhere!



To fish at Horgøien is something very special. You will be taken very good care of by pleasant owners, and we assure you that you'll be fishing in one of the best areas in Gauldalen. The beat has plenty of opportunities, and you can vary your fishing at exciting locationgs and pools, no matter you equipment. To visit the common-house to get a peak in the "salmon stock" is not a bad idea, here you'll meet fishermen that tells you what to use and where to use it! And after a cup of coffee you walk down to the riverbank for some salmonfishing again, what a dream… Horgøien is both on web and on Facebook; follow them on Facebook throughout the season for some great updates, photos and movies.


I hope we see you at Horgøien next season!

Granbo Flyfishing.

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