Hembre Gård beat at Stjørdalselva.

An article series about three special beats in Trøndelag


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Throughout the autumn 2015 I will write about some salmon beats that we have been fishing at, and will happily recommend to all of you. These beats is located in three different rivers; and that alone describes how fantastic this part of the country is relative to salmonfishing. Steffen and I likes to vary our fishing to different rivers every season, because it's incredible exciting to arrive new locations. Often, we becomes impressed by all the grand beats and, of course, the impressive nature!

The beats I'm going to write about is quite amazing beats, so the opportunity to achieve and experience "the salmon dream" is in great range! What's fascinating me too, is how the owners of the beats engages personally to the fishermen who visit their beat. The three ground owners is also active relative to the wild salmon future in different ways, and at least they are contributing to recruit youths to the salmonfishing! This is very important considering the future of the salmon and considering new fishermen. The owners engage in an impressive way, so I think this three represent a great development when it comes to the "new generation ground owners". The beats Im going to write about is;
Horgøien in Gaula; with the owners Siri Stav and Finn Buan, Tingvoll in Verdalselva; with the owner John Olav Oldren and Hembre in Stjørdalselva; with the owners Beate and Aksel Hembre.



Hembre Gård is located at Hegra, about 10 km from the sea. The beat is 1,6 km, with both sides of the river, and contains plenty of great spots for fishing. Here it's exciting streams, and several deep pools the big salmon rests in its way upwards the river. Here, at Hembre, they only do fly fishing, what's a popular step for many salmon fishermen. The beat fishes good at the most water levels, and you'll almost never have any fishermen at the other side of you, only a couple of hundred meters in the middle of the beat. Therefore you really can get in the "salmon-mode" and dream of the big ones here in Stjørdalselva. The fishing grounds here are very exciting I think, you'll be challenged as a fly fisher every day. You'll need different fly lines, because of the vary pools and grounder streams. When it comes to the fly casting, you can cast with the usual overhead cast in some pools, but if you want the most effective fishing I recommend the spey technique or the snake roll.

The beat is specially known for its good early june-fishing with high water level, but we have fished here in July and August too, with great catches. However, the early season is most popular, but you can experience really good fishing at the lower water levels.



The last half of the season may be great in the whole river, but at Hembre you always find plenty of salmon resting in the pools. Especially in the deep pools at daytime and in the streams at the evening you have to have a great grip at the rod.
When you fish at Hembre, you're in a rotation system with a beat called Fuldseth, and this beat is extremely good when the water level is low. And if that wasn't enough, you also has access to every beat SFF's has in the river. All this make your chances for catching good catches very good. You have approximately 15 km in the main river, together with sever great beats in the tributary river Forra. I really love this! When you have all this opportunities, there's a small risk for getting your fishing destroyed, because of all the variations with the water levels. It's not so pleasant to have you vacation wasted, because of the beats characteristics with water levels.



Stjørdalselva is a fantastic river for fly fishing, and I use to say that this river is "cozy and beautiful", the river who runs from Meråker to Stjørdal. The stream makes some extremely natural and good pools, and you often can get really close to the salmon as it runs upwards the river. This river has long traditions for fly fishing, and here it's plenty of local activity. The fishing association has a real honor to that; they've in many years worked with the ground owners and its members to create a really good environment by the river. The local is really proud of their river!


Bente and Aksel is a pair of pleasant ground owners; they do everyting for you to feel pleasant at your stay with them. They're also known for their engage in the fighting for the wild salmon, recruiting youths and their focus at their own river. The farm is fromaround 1500, and the tourism of fishing started ang grew big in the early 1900s. As you read, they've great traditions and knowledge. When you arrive the farm, you will get the great feeling right ahead. They've invested in benches, place for grilling, and a social environment for their guests. There is a separate room for drying your waders and freezers for the salmon; you also can weigh it at their big weight. You also can walk from the farm to fish in the river.

Primary, they sell week-licenses. The beat can have 12 fishermen at the same time, but they have a maximum om 8 fishermen in August. You also can rent the whole beat with some friends if you like! You can order with food or with no housekeeping, guiding; everything what you want. If there's some free cards, you also can buy day-license. In the prize, the sleepover is included, together with guiding when arrival. The guides here are very experienced salmon fishermen, and they know the river and especially Hembre very well. Guiding and instruction can also be bought under your whole stay.

Best regards,
Granbo flyfishing.

For more info of fishing and rules at Hembre Gård;
Hembre Gård.
7520 Hegra.
Tlf: 92 66 40 59 – 92 48 01 70.

Internet/Web: http://hembregard.no
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