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I can arrange a variety of seminars, including seminars on fly casting, fly tying, and normal slideshow seminars. My seminars are suitable for fishing organisations, private groups, shop activities, companies, and fishing and outdoors shows. My slide show seminars include contemporary topics on fly fishing for salmon on rivers. I create these seminars myself, and the pictures I use are taken during my fishing trips. This is planned in detail in relation to the topic of the specific seminar.

NEW! Seminar on “The difficult fly choice”.
This seminar focuses on the choice of fly for the salmon river, this is a situation we face several times during each fishing trip. Many people find it difficult to pick out the right salmon fly, “what will it take today?” is an often asked question. This seminar will see me talking about my experiences and theories around this question. With my 33 years of experience as a salmon fisher I have come up with some thoughts and ideas that simplify this choice. The seminar contains around 50 pictures, and lots of theory – in addition to some flies you can have a look at as we go along.

Slideshow seminar on “Fly fishing for salmon in low-water conditions”.
In the 2006-07 seasons I created a new contemporary slide show seminar. This is a seminar mainly based around pictures, but also some video material. The seminar contains around 80 pictures and lasts for around 3 hours, creating a great evening of that summer and fishing feeling. I have fished a lot during these conditions and as such I have gained substantial experience in terms of fishing for spooky salmon. The seminar covers all my theories on fishing on a low and warm river, including both the flies and the equipment, and of course the fishing strategy. Around 2000 salmon fishers in total have experienced this seminar, and the feedback has been great, actually this seminar also attracts quite a few trout fishermen as it contains a lot of trout fishing strategy in terms of fly choices and behaviour at the river. This seminar is also relevant for fishing in other rivers, as salmon behavioural patterns are the same from one river to the next during these conditions.
This seminar is also upgraded during the 2008 season with more pictures.

Slideshow seminar “Fishing Summer on the River Gaula”.
Join me on a journey from the sea to the mountains along the beautiful River Gaula in Trøndelag, you will receive many great tips on the fishing in this river.
This is a popular seminar o none of the best salmon rivers in Norway! Many fishermen and –women would like to participate on this seminar as they would want to learn the secrets of the river and the run patterns of the Gaula salmon. Good advice and general information is also on the menu during this seminar, which contains more than 80 pictures and some video material. The seminar was created at the same time the DVD “Fishing Summer on the River Gaula” was filmed, so there will be some good stories from the production of the film as well.

Seminar on fly casting.
These seminars can be held both indoors and outdoors. Often I have arranged seminars like this in sports halls etc. All variants of casting techniques can be showcased in such sports halls, the only limitation is casting using the longest double-handed rods. It is no problem to showcase spey casting without a water pool, although that would of course always be the best option. I can put together a seminar based on your wishes, depending on the technique(s) you would like to find out more about.

Seminar on fly tying.
These seminars are very flexible in terms of time and location. This can be done as a pure fly tying demo in a shop, with a specially designed vocal content, or in combination with a picture slideshow and fly tying classes. I recommend my seminar on tube flies, many salmon fishermen want to learn more about this. I tie modern tube flies, and show you both tying techniques and the use of various fly tying materials in a variety of ways.

The price of my seminars on fly casting and fly tying is agreed upon per telephone or e-mail. This is because the price will differ based on which seminar you want, and how far I have to travel, and of course the duration of the seminar itself.

Jan Erik.

jørem vald namsen

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