The fly box for river in summer flood.

You can read about my experiences fishing in summer flood conditions in the menu “Fishing”. I say that I only use three different patterns, but in two different sizes. When the river is dropping, i.e. right after the peak of the flood, the debris in the river will be gone so fishing can resume. At this stage the water is still coloured, it can actually still be very dirty. Then I use the Flomtuben in the largest variant, this fly always fished well when the water is coloured. As the river keeps dropping and the water clarity improves I will dig out the Granbokhorva. This pattern does not have as hot an orange colour, and the main colour impression is a bit “milder”, with a black overwing and front hackle. In this period I also have great experiences using the Red Butt tube, this fly has worked from day one. I fish the Red Butt tube as the sky becomes clearer. Its silhouette is created by the water colour, as I fish this fly somewhat higher in the water than the other two. The Red Butt fly is my favourite fly of all flies, it fishes really well in a variety of situations. The reason as to why I have two different sizes of the summer flood flies is because the river does not always become really high following the rain.


Red Butt.

Body: Red flatbraid, should cover 70% of the body length.
Body hackle: Black hen hackle.
Front body: Black Wing`flash.
Underwing: Black fox or temple dog hair.
Front hackle no 1: Black hen hackle.
Middle wing: Black fox or temple dog hair; remember to taper the wing. Red Gliss´n Glow.
Overwing: Black fox or temple dog hair; remember to make it longer than the middle wing.
Front hackle no 2: Long black hen hackle.

I have made a few changes to this fly, these days I tie the red butt longer than earlier, i.e. it covers more of the body, and this has made the fly even better. I am careful to use flash in similar colours as the flatbraid, this creates a great colour impression.



Tag: Black wing`n flash.
Tail: Orange fluoro fibre.
Body: Gold mini flatbraid.
Front body: Pmd angel hair.
Front hackle no 1: Orange hen hackle.
Underwing: Orange temple dog or blue fox hair.
Middle wing: Orange temple dog or blue fox hair, orange and pearl Crinkle Mirror flash.
Front hackle no 2: Orange hen hackle.
Overwing: Black temple dog, remember to taper all the wing sections, the shortest wing tied in first.
Front hackle no 3: Long black hen hackle.


See tying instructions in the menu ”The fly box for rivers in Spring flood”.

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