The fly box for medium river levels - clear water.

Now the selection in the fly box is starting to increase. The variations on his water level, with low cloud cover or blue skies, fish on the move or not, before or after a summer flood and so on, demands a larger selection of different flies. The patterns you’ll see pictures of here I have in three different sizes. One smaller tube fly variant with a wing length of 4-6 cm, and the smallest one, a size 6 double hook. Dry flies can also be very effective at this water level, see the article “Medium sized river” in the menu “Fishing”. I have a few light-coloured flies in this fly box, Grey & Green, Teal & Silver and Green Highlander; this is a range of flies that covers lots of different light conditions when the river is clear. All these flies should now be tied using less flash, so the flies are a bit more “camouflaged”. These flies are also included in the summer river fly box, in even smaller sizes. The Volden fly comes into force in grey, overcast weather and clear water. My experience is that when there is low cloud cover during the middle of the day, the fishing slows down, but this pattern has saved the day many a time. Notice that the flatbraid material is separated and used as flash in the wing, it should be tied in underneath the wing, i.e. not mixed in with the wing materials.

Grey & Green.

Tag: Black wing`n flash.
Tail: Fluoro fibre, green.
Body: Silver Mini flatbraid, tied on 70 % of the body.
Front body: Green Highlander coloured Angel Hair.
Front Hackle no 1: Mossy green hen hackle.
Underwing: Mossy green fox or temple dog hair.
Middle wing: 2 sections, the first with mossy green fox or temple dog hair, the other with grey fox or temple dog hair, with 2 strands of silver Gliss´n Glow flash.
Front Hackle no 2: Mossy green hen hackle.
Overwing: Grey fox or temple dog hair.
Front Hackle no 3: Grey hen hackle.


Green Highlander.

See tying instructions in the menu "Flies" and "The fly box for rivers in Spring flood".


Teal & Silver.

See tying instructions in the menu "Flies" and "The fly box for rivers in Spring flood".

The Volden fly.

Body: Holographic silver flatbraid, should cover 70 % of the body.
Body hackle: Black hen hackle. Also tied in as front hackle no 1.
Front body: Black wing`n flash.
Underwing: Firstly, tie in some flash using the flatbraid, and then you tie in the black hair wing of fox or temple dog.
Middle wing: Black fox or temple dog hair, somewhat longer than the underwing.
Front hackle no 2: Black hen hackle.
Overwing: Black fox or temple dog hair.
Front hackle no 3: Long black hen hackle.

Red Butt.

See tying instructions in the menu "Flies" and "The fly box for rivers in summer flood".

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