Contact me for fly tying classes.

In the period between January – April I will arrange fly tying classes, to be held at my home.

There will be both elementary and more advanced level classes for the salmon fisherman, the elementary classes will also suit people wanting to tie flies for trout.

I am very flexible with regards to the dates; get in touch and we will agree on a time.


Private lessons: You will have me as a teacher all to yourself during this class. The private lessons contain all my class themes; the point of this class is that you have my undivided attention, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable session. It is also easier for me to put together a lesson according to your specifications. The private lessons can be arranged for both beginners and more advanced fly tiers.

The elementary classes will contain instruction on the basic techniques, materials, information on the different hooks and tools. You will also learn a lot about flies and choices of flies in terms of fishing strategies during this class. We start off by tying simple but well-known flies that will always catch fish.

The advanced classes will contain tying of salmon flies and tube flies, if you have been fly tying for a while and want to learn more about tying these flies and when to use them, this is the class for you. This class is also influenced by my experiences of what the flies should look like in terms of colour combinations. You can also learn to tie my tubes for fishing with single-handed rods.

Call me on +47 932 119 24, or e-mail me at to find about the classes and to discuss which class you would want to participate in. Full payment must be received prior to participating in a class.

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