Fishing diary.

In this section I will write about my fishing trips. I cannot promise daiy reports, but I will post something here as often as possible.

I will report on the conditions of the River Gaula as they change, and these reports will include: experiences, the patern of the salmon runs, changes in conditions, reports from my fishing classes and recommendations on fishing and equipment.

July 8.

Has fished in Haltdalen this weekend, the river's dropped to less than 30 cubic meters in the last few days so there are several areas that hold fish just now.

Have been on quite hard actually, and fished regular sessions in several different pools, but saw no fish, and had only one drag in the fly yesterday. It is taken a salmon here and there. There are some people who fish too, as some fish are the taken for that reason. But all in all it seems very quietly. On a trip up here on Friday, I could see the fishermen along the entire river valley, it is clear that rumors that the salmon had gone up the falls had spread. I think the coming period will be good throughout the river, I want to fish again later in the week, but still it is most work because I do not take vacation yet.

Jan Erik.
Posted on 08 Jul 2012
3. July.

My oh my.

Time passes all too quickly, it's July already and I have not started fishing yet, hmm - need to think a bit.

There has been much work for Guideline, and the Mosand course took place in week 25 as well. This was a good course with a view to casting practice, the fishing was poor as expected in relation to water level. We saw not a single salmon all week, but then it becomes more focused on casting practise and it's not wrong either. The participants were satisfied with their stay, the feedback was very good . Granbos wish to thank all participants for the Mosand course, a great week with inspiring casting experiences.

I took a trip to Stranda river for fishing, this is a river that fascinates me with its character. I also had a good fishing there with three serious pull and one salmon caught , I'll come back here. Guaranteed!

We also fished in a "secret" salmon river a few times, this is in the Trondheim area and is a river that fascinates us a lot. Not many wasted journey so far in this pearl of a
river, salmon catches in 2 of 3 trips are not bad.

Gaula has delivered very well so far, a total pr. 3. July is the caughted of 2600 salmon, which corresponds to a total of 21 tonnes with an average weight of 8.1 kg. This is very good and seems well for the rest of the season when it was taken just over 30 tonnes in total last year. The water level has been generally so high that the salmon have not gone up Gaulfossen as regularly as under normal conditions in June. 3. June rose the river up to the level that the salmon are unable to pass the falls on. After that, it has only been 2 small occasions for it to go up, but the Friday before the weekend it went up a few fish. And rumor has it that it was salmon passing at over 220 cubic meters as well. The salmon is stressed when it becomes "locked" in the pool for such a long time, so it can probably pass on the levels we do not believe that it can go up.

At the moment Gaulfossen is 165 cubic meters, so the salmon passes the waterfall guaranteed. Eggafossen waterfall is 36 cubic metres so it starts to get more beats and areas further up the valley to get fishable as well. I'm going up for the weekend and take my first casts up there. Was fishing at Melhus yesterday, we was fishing at  the Søberg beat and was lucky to get a salmon of 8.5 kg, this took on Tripple Dencity s1-s3-s5 and a new Steffen tube fly, the salmon was bright and shiny and very strong, so this was a memorable evening for Granbos.

Status of Granbos so far is 7 salmon, and we are very pleased of that
there is long season yet so there is a lot to look forward to, we hope.

I'm going to fish more in the future, so it will be published more frequent reports in the future.

Jan Erik.

Happy fishing
Posted on 03 Jul 2012
16. June.

Hello again.

Time to write in the diary again, I have not been fishing in Gaula since June 7 so I'm not up to date on the details there. Have been traveling for work at the North Trøndelag this week, and let me charmed by some great places for salmonfishing. Started the week with a course / fishing in Namsen on Værem salmon fishing, where we got the full service of property owners Jenny and Svein Aage Domås, to say I was impressed by this beat - this because I thought that fishing in Namsen only took part from a boat, but on this beat they had nice places that was suitable for fishing from the shore. So I wanted to come back here later this summer. So the journey went to Bjøra, I had a little internal training courses as well, this time with G-Sport Overhalla.

Then I continued the trip to Øyensåa, where there was a salmon fishing courses with MX Sports on Globus Steinkjær that stood on the program. This shop take its own customers on a course and this is really a great program. I found a good fishing there too, took my first 2 salmon on June there and had several contacts with salmon during the stay, great trip this too.

I see that Gaula has been pretty uniformly big, this means between 200 and 250 cubic meters since the June 3. It has been a few times under 200 as well, and then about 180-190 cubic meters. I do not know the temperature of the river, but it is a bit doubtful that the salmon have come up the falls during this period. Was in Gauldalen today (no fishing), and saw that it was good water levels . Approximately 50-60 cubic meters in Eggafossen. Have heard of a salmon taken on Kotsøy and one on Singsås, but can not confirm this with 100% certainty.

Tomorrow starts the Mosand course, I am really looking forward to meeting course participants and get started with this. Incredibly nice and fun to have a course on this beat. I hope the river drops down a part the coming week as this will allow more salmon to try our luck on.

Jan Erik.
Posted on 16 Jun 2012
10. june

Hello again.

Wow days is away quickly, soon in the middle of June already. Granbo's has failed to June catch yet. We fished a bit on Wednesday night at Nedre Løberg but there was nothing this evening. We were also at Orkla yesterday and fished the Svinsøyen salmon beat. This is a great beat that is 3 km long and about 9 different pools, it is fishing quite well there so far as well. It was caught one salmon there yesterday, we saw a few salmon that jumped also but no catches for us so far.

Gaula has the last week varied between about 250 to 380 cubic meters, the temperature I do not know but do not think that it is something very warm yet. This is because that when the rain stopped, it got warmer and the snow melting started again. It's actually a lot of snow left in relation to that we are so far into the summer. I ran across Rindal on Wednesday this week, and I saw snow in places I have not seen at this time of year. But this will ensure that there will be plenty of water for some time ahead in the rivers. There is not much fishing at me now until the end of June again, I guess it is the drawback by being fishing equipment salesman and a course instructor. Then you do not reach to fish as much yourself. But in July and Agust will be more fishing for me so there will be many reports in that time especially.

It's so far taken about 500 salmon in the Gaula, with an average weight of 8.8 kg and the total just over 4.4 tonnes. So fishing has been very good actually, despite the cold weather.

Next Sunday begins Mosand course, that I look forward to, it will be great to be there another week with the happy course participants.

Jan Erik.
Posted on 10 Jun 2012
The season of 2012, 1-3. June.

Hello again.

Then for sure is the season well underway already, the first weekend in Gaula was very cold. The weather was not good due to low temperatures with northerly winds and alternating with both snow and rain. This affected probably caught a little too, many complained about the poor fishing. But a few salmon were caught, I checked the stock market on Saturday morning and then it was taken about 100 salmon with those who had not yet been reported. This must be said to be quite good conditions taken into account. The largest is 19 kg, but it's taken a number of salmon in between 15 to 19 kg, so this looks good. We fished from Friday afternoon and was really a good start when we were away for 3 pcs salmon that pulled out the running line and made sure that salmon shaky body took quite brutal. This happened on the fly zone on Lower Loberg salmon fishing. We fished with Tripple D in sink i/2/4 and 1/3/5 and large tube flies. I fished as usual with Yellow White Wing tube and Steffen with a very green Highlander, that's tough. The rest of the weekend we fished a little, but was not too hard. We were probably slightly reduced compared to the cold weather too. Sunday the river rose quite a bit and was brown. We tried a few sessions, but felt nothing there today. Went home early and taking away some tasks at home too, but Granbo's will probably go on salmon hunting during this week too I think.

Reports coming.
Posted on 03 Jun 2012

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