Interview by Ellen Moursund.

In this interview it is Ellen Moursund that tells us about her favorite flies. Ellen is an experienced fly fisher, and she has fished with fly rods since youth. This fisher girl has her experience from many exciting rivers. Ellen is a fly fisher who loves life along the river, read her own words about how she experiences life in the salmon river, and the wonderful nature experience she love so much.

A little about myself:
I live in Oslo. Is an MBA, but has been staying home with children for many years. Now, however, I put myself to school again to study the subject "Art & - Education and Expression".

I have two children, who are both avid fly fishers. My son got his first two salmon on the fly this year and my daughter began to cast the fly when she was 15 years. She is already an experienced fly fisher Both kids have been to the Eira every summer now for 13 years. It is amazing to see the joy and excitement they have and very funny that more girls throw themselves into fly fishing with great joy and enthusiasm. So it's up to us to bring fly fishing into the lives of future generations, gender independent. But it goes with the story that I even got to experience what my parents said about daughters and gaff holders in Eira. It went as predicted, closely cast training and subsequent romance when my daughter fishing there in the first years. But think how wonderful combination!

Otherwise, I love to ride on Icelandic horses. I read a lot, both fiction and poetry, and photographs a lot. I have also tried a little trout fishing. Been a trip to Kola, but have not yet got totally feeling of it.

But my greatest joy is to fish for Steelhead. I have been lucky enough to be given to BC in Canada now for three years and has been there the longest for a month at a time. It is an incredibly exciting experience to fish as far out in the wilderness with a stunning and unusual animal life around and they are incredibly resilient the steelheads. We see moose, deer, giant white head eagle and both black and grizzly bear sneaking around us. I am already looking forward to autumn and the next trip.

I have just been a board member of Save the wild salmon. A nonprofit organization that works with North Atlantic Salmon Fund. I encourage everyone to visit our website "" and look at the work done and even help to engage and support efforts to secure viable populations of salmon and sea trout in all rivers.

1) How many years have you fished with a fly rod?

Just when I started, I do not remember. But I know that I, as a young girl had to be with my parents to the rivers in the Romsdalen to fish. And I tried probably fly rod then, but the trips at the time were not many, when, according to my parents were so many handsome gaff holders up there, so there dared not take their daughter here too often. So I started seriously enough to throw the fly when I got my boyfriend in the mid 1980's , then the cause was "safe" to travel along the rivers in the beautiful Romsdalen.
I also remember that I practiced a lot on the lawn here in Oslo with my father. He had a great Åke Rosén rod 15 ', with an old Hardy Perfect, both of which were my constant companions for many years. They and neoprene waders and whole-line. Stiff it was, but I felt I cast great over head with it. And the happiness of hearing the sound from Perfect, was indescribable. It was not really a lot of times I felt the over head casting limited me, but in retrospect I have so far experienced it differently.

2) What rivers do you have your experience and what is your favorite river?

It is in Romsdalen I have fished the most. When I was young, I started fishing in Rauma and Eira. Since it became seriously the fishing has Eira followed me as the most beautiful river I would like to be in. The high Romsdal mountains that surround the river as peaks. Sometimes majestic, clear contrast with the sun on the snow lying on the tops, and sometimes heavy and imposing with a belt of fog around. And the silence is to touch and feel on. The river can shift between being crystal clear and almost green to dark subtle, marked by rain and cold. I have fished in the Eira every year since the early 90th , usually twice, in the middle of summer and early autumn when the river is less. Best I like to get up at 4 o'clock and know how nature changes from night to day. The slightly raw cold, the dew on the grass and the fairytale when sun rays push over the mountains, creating a magic of color and light across the river. Then it is tension in the air ....


Otherwise, I have fished in Driva, Rauma, Numedalslågen and several stretches of the Gaula. But this year I'm extra lucky. In addition to fishing in the Eira, I'm fishing Dee in Scotland in April, opening fishing in the Orkla, a trip to Alta and end salmon fishing in Stryn river. So then there will be lots of new experience to be had.

3) How big is your largest fly-caught salmon, and by what fly did you get this?

I have not gotten the "real" large salmon, so the greatest that I have taken was about 6 kg. I do not remember what fly it was on, but it may well have been a "Blue Charm". We fished a lot with "Blue Charm" in the Eira before, it was like the fly that belonged to the river. However, I later caught a lot with different green flies, which is not so unusual when it comes to Western Rivers, and has succeeded well with it.

4) What are your two absolute favorite flies, and why?

I can not fail to highlight the "Blue Charm" as one of my favorite flies. It has been my constant companion for many years and created many good experiences. At the same time, I think it is beautiful to watch. I have the belief that one must also apply for the aesthetic in fly fishing. Hearing the sounds of the river, feel the tranquility you get in the body, while full of tension in the blood and the beautiful picture of the surroundings around you. It allows for all the senses in your body.

My second fly that I want to highlight is new for me this year. As I said, I like to fish with green in the Eira and this year Arild Guthje-Fredriksen tied a great fly to me that I want to present. It has, according to Arild no name, but it will be my first choice in the Eira this summer.
Otherwise my fly box will include many other fine varieties, when I come to new great rivers and will experience many different conditions. Arild has already tied a good variety, so I'm incredibly lucky.


Tying recipes of the flies:


Hook: Double 4-10
Tag: Oval gold tinsel and fluorescent green floss silk
Body: Flat gold tinsel
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Underwing: Yellow squirrel tail
Wing Flash: Holographic gold tinsel
Over Wing: Black squirrel tail
Cheeks: Jungle Cock

Tied by Arild Guthje- Fredriksen



Blue Charm:

Hook: Double 6-10
Tag: Oval silver tinsel and yellow floss silk
Tail: Golden pheasant topping
Body: Black floss silk
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Wing: Whitetipped squirrel tail
Hackle: Black cock

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