Interview by Bjarne Jørgensen.

Bjarne is a very avid fly fisherman who also ties his own salmon flies. He is a very skilled fly tier and fly caster, this makes him a leading figure in the pleasant fly fishing community located on Sunndalsøra. I have known Bjarne for a few years now, have met him through various events such as the Guideline has had on Sunndalsøra. Bjarne is one of those guys who always show up at all events, he is a very pleasant and knowledgeable fly fisherman who loves to carry on with fly fishing for salmon and sea trout, and he has his own dream river just a short distance from his home, namely the Driva.



A little about myself:
I am 45 and married. Working as a sheet metal worker at Storvik AS here at Sunndalsøra. My two passions have been fishing and football. Played football until I was 30 years before I went into coaching role. Has stepped down with the football and now there are fly fishing and fly tying that take my time. Nothing is like standing in the river to fish with a self-tied fly and enjoy the beautiful scenery here in Sunndal. There is recreation for body and soul. I am Engaged in Sunndal Hunter and Fishingclub where I am chairman of the Fishing Committee.

1) How many years have you fished for salmon with a fly rod??

Have been doing fly fishing and fly tying in about 20 years. Got a trout of 3.5 kg on the one hand the first trip I was in the river and I was hooked.

2) What rivers do you have your experience and what is your favorite river?

It's no surprise to say that Driva is my favorite river, but has definitely seen Gaula. We are a group of buddy's fishing in Gaula for a week every year. Very exciting river. Otherwise, I have fished in Orkla, Namsen and Surna. I have also fished in a number of small rivers around the region.

3) How big is your largest fly-caught salmon, and by what fly did you get this?

Have not had so big salmon yet. The largest is 9 kg (pictured). It took a little green Magic Head-tube. Are struggling to get over 10-kg limit. Hope it happens this season.

4) What are your two absolute favorite flies, and why?

My two favorite flies are Mikkeli variants and Sunray variants. Mikkeli works very well in Driva on salmon and sea trout. It is a very good all-round fly. Sunray also works well in Driva. Sunray with silver / pearl body on the freshest run fish in the lower reaches of the river use to work.


Tying recipes of the flies:

Mikkeli variant:
Tag: Silver mini flatbraid
Butt: Black mohair yarn
Tail: Red fluoro fibers
Rear body: silver holographic flatbraid
Front body: Lite brite blue ocean dub
Wing 1: Black fox + pearl and blue mirror krinkle flash
Wing 2: Black fox / temple dog
Over Wing: Peacock
Sides: Jungle Cock
Hackle: Black rooster



Sunray variant No. 1:
Body: The tube
Wing: Black Goat + krinkle pearl mirror flash
Over Wing: Peacock

Sunray variant No. 2:
Body: Pearl mylar tubing
Wing 1: White fox + krinkle pearl mirror flash
Wing 2: Black Goat
Over Wing: Peacock
Sides: Jungle Cock

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