Advertising on the Granbo Flyfishing website.

Do you want to advertise directly towards fly fishers, and especially towards salmon fly fishers; this is the right place for you to display your ad! My website is purely focused on fly fishing for salmon, today this is a very large market, which is still growing. My website is not the largest in this market, but it is probably the most focused and targeted site, as it only covers one single topic: salmon fly fishing. Annually, I have around 60-70 000 unique salmon fishers visit my web site every year. The majority of users are of course Norwegian, but there are also many salmon fishers from England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland visiting my web site. The people visiting my web site are seriously interested in salmon fly fishing!

Are you operating a company/venture within this sphere, you will be able to reach a large number of potential customers here. In other words; sports stores with a fishing department, companies, hotels, camp sites, or land owners offering fishing beats will really hit their target group by advertising on this website.

I only have 5 available advertising spaces; if you buy an advertising space from me you will have this space to yourself during the whole running of the ad. In other words, your ad will be displayed 24/7 on all my English pages and at the Home page. If you wish to advertise on both pages, i.e. on both the English and the Norwegian pages, this will be billed as 2 advertising spaces.

We will link the advertisement directly to your website, or to information such as your phone number and address, and you can also display special offers and other information which you would like to market through your advertisement.


I cannot accept advertisements for products/services that are in competition with my own business or that of my business partners, thus I reserve the right to refuse certain requests.

We are more than happy to assist with the layout of your ad; please email your company logo and the text to be displayed in the advertisement to Maximum image size is 140 x 105 pixels.

Please contact Jan Erik by email or phone (+47 932 119 24) for information on prices and/or to place an order.

Best regards

Jan Erik Granbo.

jørem vald namsen

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