Scotland/ England May 1 – 12.

I was very excited as I entered the plane to travel to Kelso and the River Tweed to be a part of the Trout and Salmon fly fishing show. It was a great experience to arrive at this place from where I have seen pictures and read about it since I was a young fly fisherman. The whole town was buzzing with fly fishing vibes this weekend, and just visiting the esteemed Edmond Hotel was well worth the trip.

I was also holding a seminar on fly casting, my topic for this weekend was “modern fly casting”. I got the opportunity to meet many famous fly casters, I met Scott MacKenzie, Andy Murray, Charles Jardine, Jim Fearn, Gordon Armstrong, Gary Scott, Eoin Fairgrieve, and - Way Yin. And I really have to say, what a nice bunch they were! I have seen films, and heard of these guys for a long time, so to go here and meet them was a big experience for me. In the evening we all sat together at the bar in Edmond Hotel, and it felt like an honour to me when Scott MacKenzie got me a whiskey, what an experience!

Man, was I nervous as I begun my first seminar on Saturday, all those guys sitting there and watching me cast and talk about modern fly fishing using shooting heads. But the feedback I got was very positive, thus I was looking even more forward to my next seminar on Sunday.

A spey casting competition was also taking place on Sunday. Knut Syrstad did really well; he got second place. Knut is not too well these days, so getting that second place is a really impressive feat. Congratulations, Knut!


My Sunday seminar went really well, Charles Jardine was very impressed by the Guideline shooting heads, and he went off the walls when he saw how the line just flew out using a single-hander. In the end, he ordered his own Guideline shooting heads – cool.

We travelled to many places in England and held fishing equipment demonstrations, and everywhere we went people were very friendly. What was kind of strange was that most people had not yet tried using shooting heads, and on a single handed rod almost no one had tried at all. On the Reading Sportfish show, a guy wanted to bet that it was not possible to cast shooting heads with a single handed rod using the Snake Roll technique; he ended up buying me a coffee, and after that he went and bought the whole kit of equipment I had been using.

The last weekend was spent at the Reading Sportfish show, and the same guys that had been to the Kelso show came here too. I had been here at Sportfish and held seminars on modern fly casting before, and that coupled with the week that had just been really warmed me up for my next seminar. So as I got up on the casting platform I had a great feeling. And yes, everything went well, man it is fun to get to these places and showcase Norwegian fly casting!

Jan Erik.

River Tweed.

Edmond Hotel.

Great collection of classic flies, the whole hotel was filled with fly fishing atmosphere .

Hope I can return to this show.

Look at the casting facilities, pretty cool eh?

Gary Scott and Scott MacKenzie.

Knut Syrstad – nice form during the Spey casting competition.

The beautiful town of Bridgenorth, an incredible place .

jørem vald namsen

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