This years flies, 2013.

This season hasn´t been the best, one can safely say. But that´s how it is with the wild salmon. It always will vary from year to year, and it always has. But however, Steffen and I have had a great season. We have caught more salmon this year compared with the last season. This year it was quite a lot of small salmon, or grilse, and we fished a lot in small salmon rivers – with that our season went very well. It´s quite funny to fish for small salmon with light equipment! We used the same fly patterns, just in smaller sizes.


Steffens Ally´s variant with flash.


This season was characterized by fly patterns with orange main colour. Whether we fished in river Gaula, Øyensåa or Namsen fly patterns like Allys´ Shrimp, Francis, Granbokorhva in a Ullsok variant with rubber legs, and the new "Steffens Ally tube" ensured good catches and great fish. The best fly this season was of course the new Ally-variant to Steffen. I gave him a task a year ago; "try to tie a simpler version of the Ally Shrimp that were going to fish as good as the original Ally´s shrimp. That's a though task of course, but now we actually feel that the new Ally-tube to Steffen is done! He made it with copper-body instead of the original body, which made it a very good fly for the river Gaula, because the copper-colour has always fished great in the river Gaula. You can use synthetic dubbing on this fly, it looks very fine and attracting. Otherwise the wing and the tail are tied in simpler than on the original. We have to admit that we have some inspiration from Jon Eivind Shjefte´s own orange treble hook-variant that he has tied for the river Stjørdalselva. I´ve fished with this fly in small sizes on low water with great experiences and caught great fish in the river Gaula. Jon Eivind is a great salmonfisher and fly tyer, which has fished a lot in the river Stjørdalselva, and it were really nice to use his experience in the new pattern to Steffen.


Granbokorhva in ullsokk variant and rubber legs.




Use colors when you fish in the autumn!

I´ve really fished a lot with orange flies all the time, but it´s a while ago I realized how good this flies really are. A lot of fishermen use orange flies like Ally´s and Francis in the late summer, and it´s a truth that those flies work similary on the summer-salmon. But also under a floody, high and brown river the orange flies is a fly you can trust on. Combinations can be both gold and copper, or brown and yellow.


Steffens Ally´s variant without flash in the upper body.


All of this orange-flies-talk has made my thought´s about fishing with orange flies under normal condition early in the season and also under my summerfishing when the river is less high and clear. Today I can rapport to you that a fly with orange maincolour will always catch salmon. I can´t se any limitations about this, and I do now often fish with orange flies. Remember to vary between less and more flash, I have good experience with orange flies without flash at all. I use more flash under the spring flood fishing when the river is cold, also on a floody-summer-river with brown water, than I do when I fish in a medium-low river.


Some tired Ally-tubes.

jørem vald namsen

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