Fly of the year, season 2011.

My goodness how quickly time passes, now it's once again fall, the season is finished and it's time to write this article about our traditional best salmon flies for the season 2011.

Flytyer, Steffen Granbo.


This was a special season for me because it was much less fishing time for me, I had simply no time to fish as much as I really wanted. This was therefore the worst season in many years when it comes to the number of salmon caught as well. But I do not despair for that reason, it was really some nice moments by the river with many exciting experiences. Steffen creates more often for the most awesome experiences, because he catches salmon evenly now. And this summer he set a personal record for single-handed rod with a salmon of 6.8 kg. He also managed to hook a big salmon on the self-made tube fly, but this salmon was too big and strong - it just went out of the pool in one long run, and went further down the river valley. He also took a great salmon on a self-made Riffling tube, this salmon was the entire 5.8 kilograms - not bad for a kid !

I write "our best salmon flies" in the beginning of this article, that I write because that Steffen and I fish all the time for "fishing team" theory. Therefore, fly choices are made by this theory. We always have a plan / theory for our fly options, therefore the choice of flies is often determined by us both in relation to the lines we fish with, and how we want to catch fish on the different beats. Because of this, Steffen's salmons are to be included in the statistics of how flies that fished best for us.

Flytyer, Ole Kristian Skaar.


This season we fished in a couple of other rivers, which were Øyensåa and Stordalselva. I managed to take fish in Øyensåa both on the Granbokorhva and Ally's Shrimp, the cause of these fly-elections was that there had been a heavy rain just before I came, so that the river was big when I fished there. The same thing happened often in the Gaula River this summer too, there was much rain and the river was often rising. This summer we had a lot of what I call "yo-yo river", even in good weather periods there was some rain in the afternoon due to thunderstorms that constantly hung over the river valley, and then came the river up and down every day in this period. I have never fished so little single handed rod as in this season, the river was just too large for long periods, so the rod I used was mostly a 13.7 foot Class 8 / 9. The choice of flies was also indeed affected by these conditions, so it was mostly flies like the Granbokorhva, Ally's Shrimp and Steffen's Tube who was fished with. But Francis and Pot Belly Pig was also used quite a lot. The few times we got a normal river on our tours, the flies like Rotenon and Riffling was used with good success, it was just nice to see that these flies work as expected when the water level and the conditions were finally right for them.


So this season we ended up on that there was not a special fly who fished any better than the others, but that "category" of flies used in relation to the great river with colored water struck because it was precisely these conditions we fished most in. So this season, there were flies with a main color impression which did the wing combination with orange, black and brown, and gold or copper in the body that were the best flies for us. This means that the Ally's Shrimp, the Granbokorhva and Heksemtuba became the best flies overall. After this it was the Riffling Hitch tube, Greenlander and the Rotenon tube that provided very interesting episodes along the riverside.

Tough fight with Riffling tube on the leader.

So no big surprises in Granbo camp this season. But believe me - it's very reassuring to see that the same flies are working year after year. This means that when conditions change in the river, we are never in doubt about the flies we should fish with. I have fished salmon for 35 years now, and it is obvious that with so much experience with fly rod in the salmon river, one is eventually confident in the line and fly should be chosen. Certainly there are exciting with new flies as well, they create hope and initiate creativity in us. And this I see, Steffen is a very creative fisherman and fly tier, he ties flies with great enthusiasm, he sees new opportunities and have set clear goals that he will develop a part of the "old" patterns of mine, which is used in the same way for years. And what's fun to see, is that he succeeds constantly with this. And I know from my own adolescence, this creative urge together with the actual fishing provides a total experience that can only be experienced, and that will mean a lot for his further development as a fly fisherman. I have designed many new fly patterns that I have managed to take salmon on, and many of these flies are in my fly box today. Several of these flies are used today by fishermen across the country and I keep getting feedback about the capture of salmon in these different rivers.

C & R of a beautiful 10 kilos salmon that was tempted by Ally's tube.


I hope that you get the inspiration to tie some new flies, which in turn creates new hopes and new experiences. And have you not started with fly tying yet, so I would recommend you to try this, it is not as difficult as people think. And you could attend a course, too, fly tying course are arranged a lot of during the winter. I hold such courses too, so get in touch if you want to participate.

Again an interesting fight thanks to the Riffling Hitch.


Follow along through the autumn, then comes a series of articles in which I interview famous and unknown fly fishers about which salmon flies that is their favorites. Here you can get many great tips!

Jan Erik.

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